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Our school offers an individualized curriculum that is "child-centered". This allows each child to learn and develop at his/her own pace, reinforcing learning capabilities without ignoring signs of possible learning disabilities.

At the International Bilingual Montessori School our primary areas/avenues include Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Geography, Arts, Science, Mathematics and Spanish. All lessons allow children to begin their journey from the concrete to the abstract through manipulation, experimentation and invention. A Montessori curriculum is designed to challenge students to integrate and synthesize information, identify and develop problem-solving and decision-making skills through critical thinking. Lessons are matched to each child's individual progress, therefore enabling the child to build their leadership and communication skills, by gaining self-confidence, independence, emotional development and academic achievement. The student not only becomes well educated, but also experiences a genuine joy of learning.

Our student-teacher ratios are exceptional, well above private school standards. Proven by our annual early childhood testings, students are able to achieve a solid educational foundation. Many of our young graduates are accepted in gifted programs around the nation.